Twenty Fourteen

It’s nearly 1 a.m. on this 6th day of 2014, I’m trying to finish some customizing of this WordPress blog I wanted to start this new year. It’s been over 10 years since I officially blogged, and even longer than that using WordPress (It’s come a long way). With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, who actually blogs anymore when they can micro-blog instantly anywhere, anytime on any device? Actually, more people blog now than ever.

According to this guy, Tumblr.com shows it has over 101.7 million blogs with 44.6 billion blog posts. WordPress.com has over 63 million blogs. Livejournal reports to have 62.6 million blogs while Weebly states it has over 12 million blogs. Blogster has over 582,754 blogs, so yes, A LOT of bloggers in our universe alone!

Who actually even has time to blog unless they’re getting paid to do so? I certainly don’t. I’m always telling people I’m busy, really busy for that matter. I’ve been thinking about a blog for a long while now and if I keep putting it off, it’ll only be a thought, year after year. It’s important enough to me to start one so here goes nothing.

After much introspection in December for my 2013, I found it very difficult to recollect the events that occurred throughout the course of the year. Was it old age, I asked myself? Perhaps it was the fact that I did so many things I just couldn’t remember them all? Ok, maybe it was old age. In any case, 11 months from now, I don’t want to force myself to remember what happened in January and beyond so I decided that I needed to write things down.  First thought was a journal I’d carry around, or perhaps use one of the many that I purchase every single year now collecting dust in my office.  Some catastrophic thoughts came to mind, though; -what if I lost it while trying not to drown in the swim part of the triathlon I want to participate in this year?  -What if the kids paint animal pictures all over it and use it as a placemat to eat their favourite ramen noodles? -What if someone steals it?  -All of my multi-million dollar ideas gone in an instant!  I’m unsure why I’m so dramatic this late in the evening (it’s now 2:11 a.m., I’ve been fiddling with the layout, working with a developer over seas, trying to kill the multitude of fruit flies infesting my office, and checking out where I’m going to snowboard this week, all while I write this 1st blog) but in any case, most of my information already being cloud based, I decided it was best I wrote it online; that way I have access to the content anywhere I have Internet, and if I’m really keen, I’d make an offline copy so that I’d have a backup!

I’m still unsure of everything that I’ll end up capturing in this blog.  I do know that my ideas, thoughts and ramblings about my universe will allow my children at a much later time in their lives to have a clear and better understanding of my ideas, thoughts and ramblings about the universe that I’ve created around them.  If you read the About Me page it gives you a summary of my intentions but it’s certainly not limited to everything that I have to say – and believe me; I have a lot to say!

I think that’s enough for my inaugural blog.  I’m brain’s actually shutting down (edit – I proofread the last paragraph just now, and I meant to say ‘My’ not ‘I’m brain’ – see? it really did shut down).  Happy New Year to everyone.  May the best of your past, be the worst of your future, and may all your blogs be done when you’re not in a state of delirium.  2014 – our best year yet.

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  1. Catherine

    T!!! Welcome (back!) to the blog world!

    It might be the old age *LOL* I remember less and less every year when I try to look back at the things I’ve done. It’s sad when I have to use Twitter and Facebook statuses to remind myself what I’ve been up to.

    Best thing you can do with the blog is just jump in and write what you feel like! Already liked your first post! I spend more time playing around and changing my blog post and layout more than I post and then I get mad at myself for not posting more often! Hehehe!

    Looking forward to reading your blog and what you’ve been up to! Particularly interested in CrossFit stuff, too :)